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Welcome to the Animated Spirit Blog!

What is the “Animated Spirit”?

It’s a blog written in the spirit of my favorite teacher, author and artist, Robert Henri, who wrote the popular 1923 classic, The Art Spirit. His book was about painting, this site is about animation, and all the beauty and wonderment that it entails.

Art spirit_robertHenriThe Art Spirit, By Robert Henri

It’s gonna be a place for ideas, discussions, reviews, tips, demos and interviews with a variety of talented and prominent artists, both young and veteran, in the animation community. What this blog is not, is a site criticizing other artists, studios or their films, shows, or projects. It will also not be a place to vent inequities or injuries related to labor practices. Such discussion and concern is important, but these matters are for other bloggers and their sites. This blog here is strictly about the craft, passion and life of the artist.

Stromboli-drawingAnimation by Bill Tytla, one of the legends of Disney Animation.

This art form is not only fascinating, but also hugely rich and diverse, requiring the skills, mastery and devotion of numerous artists of all ilks and specialties. Everything from film to painting has bearing here, so we will look at all of them and be inspired by all of them.

RobertHenri_photoRobert Henri, The man himself.

In perhaps the greatest summation of Henri’s message to artists and people of all backgrounds and occupations, he grandly states:

“It takes wit, and interest and energy to be happy. The pursuit of happiness is a great activity. One must be open and alive. It is the greatest feat a man can accomplish, and spirits must flow.”

I look forward to you joining me here, and hope that this humble blog can add a little extra boost to your spirits on your visit!