Above: A screenshot of annotations I typically make on the works of students of mine during our live sessions.

The Animated Spirit is primarily a blog about the craft of animation and its creators but it also offers ideas, demonstrations and tips that can help the aspiring animation artist. As much as animation surges within my being, so does teaching.

Over the years, I’ve lectured and given training to students, teachers and working professionals internationally, at colleges and studios, both physically and online. I’ve also periodically accepted private students for individual tutoring and consultation. A number of them have gone on to become top flight animators and supervisors in the industry. (To hear what industry professionals have to say about my reputation please visit here.)

If you’re a student or young professional seeking supplemental* training and mentoring for your career, I’m now offering to expand my services to aid in your development. The style of my teaching method is that of a master and apprentice — you will receive exclusive one-on-one training tailored specifically to your needs and goals. This is, in my humble opinion, the best way to address deeper issues and to improve skill sets dramatically. Apprenticeships, once commonplace,  are now rare in today’s world and I’m offering this exclusive possibility for those whom I find are the right fit.

If you’re interested, please inquire about the details & availability at this email address:

Private Mentoring Schedule is currently: FULL

*PLEASE NOTE: I am NOT a school and DO NOT claim to replace one. If you are new to animation and wish to learn the basics of the craft, sign up at an authorized educational facility, be it a physical college offering an art & animation program or a qualified online school such as Animation Mentor (where I also formally teach). The resources and social exchanges between students in a properly founded environment consisting of top flight professionals is incredibly valuable to the overall educational experience and should not be skipped. The services I offer here are purely supplemental and designed to solve unique individual difficulties and advance artists towards the upper tiers of the industry. Time slots for private training are also limited in availability.