Hey there folks!

My name is James “JC” Chiang and I’m an artist, animator, teacher and free spirit. In the 19 years since graduating from Sheridan College’s Animation Program, I’ve worked on various educational, game, television and feature film projects, having taken various turns as animator, character designer, storyboard artist, supervising animator and director. I’ve been part of big studios like Disney (where I received my training), Lucas, Blue Sky, and Sony as well as smaller studios like One Animation, where I served as Director and Head of Animation. I’ve also lectured internationally and trained artists, both student and professional. Art and animation are in my blood.

But this blog isn’t about me. It’s about art, the life of the craftsman and the artists that make art a daily part of their lives. It’s inspired by the writings of Robert Henri and his magnum opus, The Art Spirit. Topics will include all things art-related including film, fine art and of course, animation — all with the goal of pushing you and me to think a little deeper and wider about the why and how of what we do. We will talk to and profile some of the most inspiring artists in the industry, both established veterans and upcoming young talent. Overall, it’s born out my love for the arts and the joy I’ve gotten from being a part of the creative process and the lives of the creators that I’ve worked with.

Being a full-time artist is tremendously challenging and this blog was created as a place for analysis, demonstration and sharing of ideas important to all artists. My hope is to inspire, educate and lift your spirits while you hang on to this life, this creative dream for as long as you can or wish to.

The blog is free and advertisement free*. The wealth is in the material and the people who create and share.

Please enjoy.


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